Cindy has an unbelievable gift through her hands. Her massage relaxes not only your muscles, but also mind and body. After my massage Cindy did a Reiki treatment to my feet and seven chakra areas. The energy opened up closed areas stimulating areas that needed a jolt. The after effect was a feeling of total relaxation and a wonderful night sleep.

Cathie Miller – Hilton Head

I had knee surgery a few years ago and have since developed a heel spur. I was in so much pain that I had trouble walking…I thought I would need surgery! I heard about the “Alternative” Pain Laser Therapy and I thought “why not give it a try as a last resort”? I was amazed at how the laser took the pain away after 4 sessions and I am able to walk again! I continue to go once a month now for maintenance – Thank you Cindy!

Margie – Bedminster NJ

I was getting married in a week and I pulled a muscle in my back moving furniture – I needed help fast! I had 2 treatments of deep tissue massages with hot stones that week, took baths with Epsom Salts as Cindy recommended and I was able to dance at my wedding! I train at the gym 5x/week and will be having sessions regularly every other week now! I would recommend Cindy if you need help too!

Denise Collaluca – Bridgewater NJ

I went out onto the golf course without stretching for the first time this year, and wow did I pull a muscle in my hip! I could barely walk – never mind golf! I wanted to get back out as soon as possible, but I couldn’t in that shape… so Cindy recommended her Pain Laser Therapy and after a few treatments I was on the road to recovery… I wish the therapy worked as well on my game as it did on my hip!

Len Minervini – Bridgewater NJ

I have been suffering with plantar fasciitis, a stress fracture and a torn ligament all in the same heel, since Feb. 8, 2012!

My Podiatrist has been treating my condition along with an A.R.T. Certified Chiropractor and an Orthopedic Surgeon. Unfortunately, I wasn’t getting better. I have had shots of cortisone, therapy, custom designed inserts, ice and heat treatments, and I’ve been stretching, wearing a boot every night for 4 months and am having bi-weekly massage on the Achilles area.

About 4 weeks ago I was referred to Cindy Graham, who is performing laser therapy in my area. I was skeptical at first, but also desperate to regain my normal routine of running, playing tennis and basketball and just being active. So I signed on for 3 laser sessions. I used all three the first week. I noticed significant improvement, almost immediately! By the third treatment, I can honestly say, I am about 90% pain-free. I waited nearly 3 weeks for my next session of 3 treatments. In the mean-time I returned to the tennis court hard-core, nearly 5-7 hours for several days in a row. I just finished up my second session and I couldn’t be happier! I feel great! I do believe the laser in combination with massaging the area causing the problem has been completely successful. I would recommend it to anyone to speed up recovery and performance.

Maureen A. Bush – Hilton Head, SC

  I have been a court stenographer in NYC for 26 years and have been experiencing overuse syndrome in my hands and wrists for years.  Due to the repetitive motion for years, the pain and lack of mobility has threatened my ability to continue my profession.  I spent a lot of money on various therapies that just didn’t work, so I was researching laser therapy on line and came across Cindy’s website.  Thankfully I could feel the difference after just 3 laser sessions!  Because I will not be changing my job (and repetitive actions) and I will continue to have this extremely effective therapy … laser therapy has been life changing for me!

Ruth Ingerleider, New Jersey

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