What is Muscle Recovery?

Vigorous exercise causes tiny tears in the muscle fiber… leading to an immune reaction… inflammation…then the body goes to work to heal and recover.

Why Is Muscle Recovery Important?

Muscle recover is extremely important after any workout. If you are new to exercise, chances are you will feel a little sore in the beginning until you get used to the new routine. (DOMS) Delayed onset muscle soreness… will likely happen. Muscle pain and tenderness are typical after intense workouts.

Crossfit Massages Laser Massage of HHI

Muscles need a chance to recover and rest between work outs. It gives your muscles the opportunity to build and get stronger. (Which helps to burn more fat)

Crossfit Massages Laser Massage of HHI

With routine workouts, we exercise muscle groups every other day. We tear down the muscles…(rest) give them time to build up again…then we (tear down) work them again. This is how you will make steady progress and you will feel and look great.


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