About Cindy

I am Cindy Graham, Owner at Laser Massage Therapy of Hilton Head!

Cindy GrahamHilton Head Island is like camp for Adults! If you are here on vacation or as a resident, most likely you are enjoying golf, tennis, biking, running or walking on the beach.


The best “treatment” is prevention! If you take great care of yourself and you get injured or ill… Your recovery time will be greatly reduced!

I am excited to be opening my practice on Hilton Head – and in doing so – I thought…Hmmm… What would “I” want if I were looking for ways to improve my health…

  • Quality therapy… from someone who knows what they are doing.
  • Friendly personalized attention… yes I like to feel special and have someone listen to my needs.
  • Reasonable pricing… So I can afford to go often and maintain my conditioning

So my mission is: To provide quality therapy with friendly personalized attention at reasonable prices!

I would like to tell you a little bit about myself so that you will feel comfortable and confident in your treatment and our friendship! I want you to see true results and value from your treatment. I truly care about my clients, it makes me feel good to see that I have helped.

I have enjoyed working in Veterinary Pharmaceutical Sales for 30 years in MA, CT, RI, NJ and PA – a runner for 26 years and gym enthusiast for 10 years. In my travels I would hear friends say they were sore, tired, stressed… I knew that exercise and better nutrition were the answers and wanted to expand my knowledge of wellness and healthful solutions to help others, while helping myself of course! (We see things in others that are a direct reflection of ourselves- right?)

I decided to go back to school to formally study well care so I would feel like I was making a difference in people’s lives. I began with WITS Personal Training, and then continued my studies with AFPA Nutrition and Well Care Coaching, as well as certifications in Life Coach Institute & Johnny Bowden Weight loss coaching. From there I decided that Massage Therapy would be a great way to pull this whole thing together! So I got my massage therapy license in New Jersey and South Carolina, NCBTMB nationally certified, and many certifications in LMT Medical Massage, Jurch Sports Massage, Cross Country Running injuries and master level (3) Reiki energy certifications. Because my intention was to become an “elite sports and medical massage therapist” – I was looking for more ways to enhance my muscle recovery and prevention abilities! I did more studies and certifications in (Infrared light) Class IV K Laser Therapy, AIMLA and Rock Tape fascial movement certification in NYC.

I feel completely confident in my ability to listen and try to help you on your path to wellness for many years!

Would you like to feel better both physically and emotionally about yourself! We are all so busy and stressed every day that we don’t take care of ourselves. Massage is not just a luxury (although it sure is great). Massage is a very healthful thing we can do for ourselves – it can help you to deal with life and challenges! If you treat yourself to a great relaxing or therapeutic massage, you can be more active, you will be able to take care of others, and your daily tasks more effectively. Therapeutic massage releases built up (collagen) muscle adhesions, to increase flexibility and feel-good endorphins. I can give you effective stretching techniques and healthful recommendations that will prolong the benefits of your massage

Pain Laser Therapy is a modality that I have had great success with! I had been looking for an advanced modality to enhance muscle recovery, and this is it! I am confident the benefits of INFRARED therapy are safe and effective for a number of health benefits! Laser Therapy is just infrared light, just like infrared Saunas can help to penetrate deeply into your muscles to relax and detoxify your body.  I was frustrated by my limitations of just manual therapy – you can only do so much. I needed to find something that would help my clients with pain in their shoulders, elbows, knees, ankles… something that was FDA approved and medically effective. I enjoy working with sports minded clients, and I am confident that a laser massage is the most therapeutic treatment available for myofascial release, increased range of motion and elite muscle recovery!

My goal is to provide you with a quality massage or (drug-free) pain relief. Additionally, I have also invested in a “comfort craft” treatment table. This table is so comfortable, and moves to help your body relax and let go of tension. You will be amazed!

To extend the benefits of your treatment, please plan on seeing me at least one time a month. Two times a month is highly recommended though. You will really feel the difference in how you move. I am super excited to offer you a very comfortable and professional environment at a fair price. I take pride in working with my clients to build a lasting relationship to ensure vitality, flexibility and an outlet for healing!

Please see Cindy Graham’s credentials below:

  • Cindy Graham -NCBTMB #603146-11
  • New Jersey #26BT00302300
  • South Carolina #7776
  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • AIMLA Certified Deep Tissue Laser Therapist
  • WITS Certified Personal Trainer
  • AFPA Nutrition & Wellness Coach
  • Rock Tape Fascial Movement Therapist


Cindy has worked to earn her certifications in:

  • Massage Certification from Therapeutic Massage and Training Center in Westfield, NJ – she has studied and completed her National Certification in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork – only 25% of all (280,000) Certified’ therapists have attained this certification. National certification is a sign of ability and pride!
  • New Jersey Certified Massage Therapist
  • South Carolina Licensed Massage Therapist
  • AIMLA Certification in Deep Tissue Laser Therapy for Pain and Healing – American Institute of Medical Laser Applications – Cindy has worked with Dry Perry Nickelston in his mentorship program to fine tune her therapy skills – Dr Nickelston her Medical Advisor DRUG FREE pain relief!
  • Certification in Comprehensive Sports Massage – General Injuries and Advanced Sports Massage Applications – Specific to Golf, Tennis, Running, Triathlon injuries and conditioning!
  • Personal Training Certification from WITS – World Instructor Training School. Specializing in preventative programming
  • Nutrition and Wellness Certification from AFPA – American Fitness Professionals Association – specializing in Alternative Health Therapies
  • Quantum Touch and Reiki Attuned… Everything is made of energy! These energy practices just help the body to heal intrinsically – the energy flow speeds up the process with your own body. We have energy centers in our bodies called Chakras and Energy Pathways called Meridians. If you have blockages, you may feel “out of sorts” or not well. These energy practices are a light hands on modality that come from a center of love and light. Try 30 minutes of Reiki with your Massage Session!


Please Contact Cindy with additional questions.

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Laser Massage of HHI is located at:

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